Welcome to our guitar department. We stock hundreds of electric guitars and are proud to be Gibson, Epiphone, Fender, Schecter and Ibanez main dealers plus hold stock of Gretsch, Squier and Steinberger. Our acoustic guitar department features brands such as Martin, Taylor, Faith, Takamine, Epiphone and more. The guitars are complimented by our extensive range of electric guitar amplifiers and accessories from brands including Blackstar, Marshall, Line 6, Peavey Ernie Ball, Planet Waves and many, many more!

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Easter 2014 Opening Times

GigGear Harlow Superstore opening times over the Easter period.

Pearl Export EXL

Hot on the heels of the relaunched Export kit, Pearl have now released a new addition to the range - the Pearl Export EXL Series, featuring lacquered finishes.

Evans Heavyweight Heads

The new Evans Heavyweight heads deliver the ultimate in durability (perfect for heavy hitters!) whilst also delivering a focused attack and wide dynamic range. Bass and snare batters are available.

Mapex Armory Drums

New from Mapex for 2014 is the new Armory Series. Within series is range of drum kits, drum hardware and selection of snares, all aimed at the player wanting pro quality gear.

Gibraltar Flatter Bags Drum Bags

The Gibraltar Flatter Bags are a new range of drum bags that feature a clever design enabling them to fold flat whilst also being expandable.

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