TC Electronic Flashback X4 Delay and Looper Pedal

TC ElectronicTC Electronic Flashback X4 Delay and Looper Pedal



The TC Electronic Flashback X4 Delay and Looper Pedal features 12 delays types, 4 Toneprint slots, tap tempo, a 40 sec looper, 3 presets and more.

Building on its smaller siblings huge success the TC Electronic Flashback X4 Delay and Looper Pedal takes the hugely popular Flashback and elevates it to the next level. With its larger footprint the Flashback X4 now features 12 delay types, 4 Toneprints slots, 3 presets and tap tempo...if you liked the original TC Electronic Flashback you are going to love the Flashback X4!

At it's heart the TC Electronic Flashback X4 hosts a selection of industry standard delay effects including Tape Echo, Analog Delay, Space Echo, Reverse Delay, 2290 Delay and more. On top of this there is now 4 Toneprint 'slots' allowing you to load customized signature tones made by some of the great guitarists in the world...get the delay tones of your favourite player!

With the Flashback X4, the team at TC have listened to the feedback of original Flashback users and now delivered presets. You can now store 3 presets that can be as varied as you want - how about a slapback delay on A, a classic long Analog delay on B and a spaced out 2290 Delay with Modulation on C.

A tap tempo has also been added allowing for you to simply sync your delays to your bands tempo with a simple tap of your foot on the dedicated switch.

An onboard 40sec looper allows for a great deal of experimentation whilst the simple undo function and looper level control deliver ease of use.

Other features of note include True or Buffered Bypass (switchable), MIDI in and out (sync delay tempos and change presets externally), Expression pedal input and an included 9v power supply.

The TC Electronic Flashback X4 takes what is a superb pedal (the original Flashback) and takes it up a notch with a host of features that deliver more flexibility, versatility and functionality.

  • 12 high quality delay types
  • 4 Toneprint slots - allows access to customized signature delay tones
  • Tap tempo
  • 3 Presets
  • 40 sec loop with undo and loop level control
  • True or optional buffered bypass
  • Analog dry though
  • MIDI in and out
  • Expression pedal input
  • Includes 9v power supply

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