Yamaha DTX400K Electronic Drumkit

YamahaYamaha DTX400K Electronic Drumkit

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The Yamaha DTX400K Electronic Drumkit is a compact kit with 10 legendary preset kits, 169 sounds, training functions and the Silent Kick Unit for ultra quiet play anywhere, anytime!

With the Yamaha DTX400K Electronic Drumkit you get a compact kit loaded with great sounds and thanks to its kick pedal design and rubber pads, ultra quiet play anywhere...at anytime!

The Yamaha DTX400K utilizes newly designed 7.5" drumpads and 10" cymbal and hi-hat pads that make for great playability whilst also delivering excellent durability. Included with the kit is a hi-hat foot pedal controller and the KU100 silent kick pedal - perfect for quiet practice.

The 10 preset drumkits on the DTX400K deliver instant playing satisfaction whilst with the ability to utilize the 169 high quality drum sounds to create your own drumkits gives great versatility. Also included are 10 interactive training functions and 10 play along songs - allowing you to jam along!

If you are new to drums or want a great value electric drumkit to compliment your acoustic kit then the Yamaha DTX400K is a great option - great sounds, great feel and excellent durability.

  • Authentic drumming experience in a compact electronic drum set
  • KU100 Silent Kick Unit for quiet play anywhere
  • Basic Remote Hi-Hat Controller
  • Large 10” cymbals and Hi-Hat cymbal
  • 7.5” Drum Pads designed for greater playability and durability
  • NEW DTX400 Drum Trigger Module with 169 high-quality sounds
  • 10 Preset kits (all of which can be overwritten)
  • 10 interactive Training Functions with Voice Guidance
  • 10 play-along songs (new songs can be downloaded via USB)
  • Expandable - add an additional crash cymbal pad
  • Upgradeable - 3-zone snare, real bass-drum pedal action, advanced hi-hat controller
  • Steel Rack provides a solid playing experience

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