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Personalised multi point setup included

Before dispatch, your instrument will be treated to a full setup. Thats not a quick tweek but a full multi point setup by an experienced guitar technician who will check and adjust every single thing on your guitar, bass, ukulele or banjo to ensure it is performing at its absolute best.

This is not a quick process but we believe every instrument should go through our process to acheive an exacting standard of playability.


We start with the frets on your instrument. All guitar neck move and change over time so we will make sure that your frets are nice and flat as we go up the neck. We don't want any high or low spots as theis will mean your guitar will need a higher than optimum action and potentially suffer with fret buzz.

We check and properly profile the playing surface of the frets and then make sure the fret ends are finished off properly.

Truss Rod

Then it's on to the truss rod. This metal rod differs from guitar to guitar (some guitars such as classical guitars don't usually have a truss rod!) and basically controls the "relief" or curve of the neck. Not enough relief and your strings won't have enough clearance over the other frets when playing. Too must relief and you'll have a high action which gets worse as you go up the neck.

The heavier the strings then the more the truss rod needs to work. Proper adjustment in the workshop means that the action will be just right.

Top Nut

The top nut is super important and is one of the two open contact points of your guitar. The tech will check and cut each slot to make sure the strings both run freely but are not sitting in a slot that's too big.

The top nut also plays a big part in the action of your guitar so we'll hit that sweet spot between too low and too high.


Another really important part of your guitar!

On an acoustic, the saddle is cut to the correct height making sure the bottom is 100% flat and straight. This means the string can transfer its vibration properly into the body of your guitar.

For electric guitars, the saddles are adjusted to form the correct radius to match that of your fretboard.

Bridge / Tremolo
Overall Action
Machine Heads
Other Parts

Roland VAD-103 V-Drums Electronic Drumkit

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 2-5 Days
This item is not currently in stock and will typically take 2-5 days to be dispatched. We will keep you updated on the status of your order.
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The Roland VAD103 is the entry level kit in Roland's V-Drums Acoustic Design Series (VAD). This affordable VAD kit is all-digital kit yet captures the vibe and feel of a traditional acoustic set, complete with shallow-depth wood drum shells. 

Playing on larger pads always means a better, more rewarding experience, but with that comes a large footprint, With the VAD103 you get the perfect blend playability, pad size and compact footprint. The 12" PDA120LS-BK snare pad mounts on to a conventional snare stand, and features independent head and rim zones for different, this is complimented by a matching 12" floor tom and 10" rack tom. The 18" KD-180L-BK kick is compact enough to keep the kits intended smaller footprint, but also provides the "push" that a only a real size kick can. Cymbals come in the form of VH-10 hit hats (that need to be mounted to a standard hi-hat stand), a 12" crash cymbal and a 13" ride. The chrome-finished, double-braced cymbal and cymbal/tom combination stands feature durable ball clamps to easily adjust pad heights and angles, with secure and sturdy mounting.

At the heart of the VAD103 is the Roland TD-07 drum module. The module host 143 sounds, giving you access to a superb range of acoustic, electric and percussion sounds - all recorded in professional studios and brought to life by Roland's advanced V-Drums technology. The preset kits give you instant access great sound setups from the get go, but you can dig deeper and switch up the sounds, tune them, add damping and change the virtual space - perfect fro getting your own sound sets and for experimentation. 

The VAD103 makes it easy to jam along with you favourite tracks, just select songs from your smartphone, computer or tablet and wirelessly stream them through Bluetooth to the module so that you can join in. If your device doesn't have Bluetooth, just bring the audio in via a cable. MIDI over Bluetooth is also supported for cable-free recording of MIDI data in music apps. The module also has an onboard Coach mode with exercises to help with your timing and accuracy - great for making learning fun!

In addition to this, the VAD103 is a great studio stool, thanks to its high quality Audio/MIDI interface you can connect a USB cable and send stereo audio and MIDI data to your favourite DAW.

Kit does not include hi-hat stand, bass drum pedal, or snare stand.

  • TD-07 module with 25 preset kits, 25 user kits, and 143 instruments
  • V-Edit, EQ, ambience, and 30 multi-effects offer deep editing tools to create your perfect drum kit sounds
  • Snare and tom pads with Rolands legendary double-ply, tension-adjustable mesh drumheads
  • PDA120LS-BK 12-inch snare pad with independent head and rim zones for assigning different sounds; mounts on a conventional snare drum stand
  • PDA100L-BK 10-inch rack tom pad and PDA120L-BK 12-inch floor tom pad with independent head and rim zones for assigning different sounds
  • KD-180L-BK 18-inch kick drum with trigger pad mounted to a drumhead provides positive beater resistance, rebound, and real feel
  • Chrome-finished, double-braced cymbal and cymbal/tom combination stands feature durable ball clamps to easily adjust pad heights and angles, with secure and sturdy mounting
  • Integrated Bluetooth lets you wirelessly stream sound from phones, tablets, and other Bluetooth devices and send MIDI data to music apps
  • Advanced built-in metronome with the ability to adjust time signature, note value, and click tone
  • Onboard Coach function provides interactive tools to build timing skills and track progress
  • USB for recording audio and MIDI data to computer music software
  • Support for kit expansion with a second crash cymbal (V-Cymbal and DBS-10 cymbal stands sold separately)
  • 40 free lessons with Melodics, an interactive drum lesson app for Mac and Windows computers and iPad


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