Gear of the Week 'Glastonbury' - 28th June 2016

Gear of the Week 'Glastonbury' - 28th June 2016

Here's our lowdown on the gear we spotted in action at Glastonbury 2016!

With the biggest music event on the British calender taking place last weekend we thought we would theme our gear of the week post and share with you some gear related trends we spotted when watching the bands of the moment in action.

Here's our picks:

Fender Precision Bass - Used by Coldplay, New Order, The 1975, Blossoms, Chvrches, Madness, Foals and many more!

Roland SPD-SX - Used by New Order and Jack Garatt.

Pedaltrain Pedalboards - Used by Foals, Wolf Alice and Band of Horses

Fender Jaguar - Used by Savages, Kurt Vile, Foals and Wolf Alice.

All items are in stock at the time of writing.

Fender Precision Bass

If you were lucky enough to experience Glastonbury over the weekend or caught any on TV you may have noticed the dominant Fender presence around all the stages! Many of the most accomplished and hottest acts around right now opted for the Precision bass as their live festival weapon of choice, from the smallest tents to the enormous pyramid stage.

With a variety of acts such as alternative rockers Wolf Alice, The 1975, Blossoms and Foals, Synth pop artist Chvrches and even legends like New Order, Coldplay and Madness sporting a P bass, it is a real world example of the standard Precision basses have set over the decades as well as it's pure versatility in the live music world.

Roland SPD-SX

Another piece of equipment we spotted in various live set ups around the Glastonbury circuit was the Roland SPD-SX drum sampling pad, a product we are very familiar with here at GigGear.

Huge artists such as New Order who have always been innovative and experimental when it comes to sampling and percussion put this to great use in classics such as ‘Blue Monday” and “Bizarre love triangle” in their 2016 live set up. Emerging hit artist Jack Garratt could also been seen at Glastonbury 2016 with the SPD-SX that he swears by in his electronic indie pop sets. A great addition for any acoustic kit or an alternative digital percussion option for any band!

Fender Jaguar

The Glastonbury Fender domination continued in the guitar department with various Indie bands welding the 60s surf turned alternative rock star favourite, the humble Fender Jaguar!

Many of these bands turn to the Jaguar as their workhorse for its off-set quirkiness, versatility and warm heavy tonal capabilities. From the indie folk licks of Kurt Vile on the Park Stage, the post punk rhythmic jaggedness of the girl band Savages to the huge sounding alternative powerhouses Wolf Alice and Foals on the Pyramid stage. The Jaguar is the guitar of choice for a reason.

We currently stock a few Jags in different price ranges you can check out today, including a Squier Vintage Modified in Surf Green model and a gorgeous Japanese made Classic 60’s option in old candy apple red!

Pedaltrain Pedalboards

Above is a 2nd hand bargin that comes with a diago power supply that can power up to 6 pedals! We stock a wide variety of pedaltrain boards to cover all kinds of pedal needs, from the tiny Nano all the way to the Classic Pro. At Glastonbury Pedaltrains were very popular with both small and world touring bands such as Foals, Band of Horses and Wolf Alice! Keep your set up in check with the built in cable friendly slots and even mount your power supply to the underside to save valuble space!

This was by far the most used accessory at Glastonbury 2016! Unfortunately we don't stock these at the moment...



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