Kinman Pickups

Kinman Pickups

Kinman Pickups are now available again to the UK. These Zero Hum Strat, Tele and P90 pickups have a huge cult following and you can now get them at GigGear.

Kinman Pickups

Hear the difference, Feel the difference, Make the difference and transform your guitar into a Zero-Hum beauty with more musicality than you ever heard. Kinman pickups have very special Alnico magnets with magical properties. Words are cheap but hearing is the magic of Kinman products today.

Re-define the sound of your guitar with exciting new sonic dimensions & take it UP to the next level.


Here are just some testomonials:

'From the moment I popped in a set of Kinman Traditional Mk II, my Strat’s sound bloomed in away I’ve never heard from single-coil-sized humbuckers—or even conventional single-coils, for that matter.'


'I've been playing the Kinman pickups a lot lately and I'm really digging 'em. They have a vintage vibe like no other. They are one huge step beyond everything else IMO.'


'These pickups really do sound identical to some of my vintage single coils.'


Our instore Guitar Tech Barre Palmer (highly regarded within the industry) has huge respect for these pickups and is glad to see them available again thanks to new UK distribution. He confirms that over the years he has fitted many a Kinman pickup to guitars with great customer satisfaction.


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18th May 2011


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