Marshall Astoria

Marshall Astoria

Marshall have announced a brand new line of amps in the form of the Astoria Series.

Designed for the discerning guitarist who wants it all, the Marshall Astoria Series delivers a host of premium appointments including a hand-wired, point-to-point all valve design to deliver a great range of tones and classy boutique looks.

The Astoria Series consists of three models, each available as a 30 Watt combo or head and a matching 1 x 12" speaker cabinet.

There three models in the range are:

Astoria Classic (Green) - a single channel amp for the purist who wants a loud, clean valve tone.

Astoria Custom (Red) - a single channel amp delivering vintage tone with the convenience of contemporary features and switching.

Astoria Dual (Blue) - get two footswitchable channels, and go from vintage pure-valve cleans, to dirty-sweet overdrive, to higher gain harmonic distortion. 


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15th April 2015


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