Marshall Slash AFD100 Prototype Demo

Marshall Slash AFD100 Prototype Demo

Marshall resident demonstrator Chris George gets his hand on a prototype Marshall AFD100 Slash Head....


Marshall Slash AFD100 Prototype Video

Marshall have finally let us all have a sneak preview of what the Slash AFD100 Signature Head will sound like!!!


In Marshall's words...

"This is it! What you've all been waiting for! A professional recording of the AFD100 head! Our resident demonstrator Chris George managed to get his hands on a pre-production prototype and took the opportunity to try it out. Using a 1960B standard cabinet and Gibson Les Paul, this was recorded with a Shure SM57 microphone right here in our on-site theatre."

"Bear in mind this is a pre-prod model so is not necessarily cosmetically correct, hence you'll notice it has no front panel! This video is purely to give you all an idea of just how awesome the Slash AFD100 Signature can sound!"


CLICK HERE for more info on the Marshall Slash AFD100 Signature Head....and to PRE ORDER!



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21st September 2010


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