Roland - The Future. Redefined.

Roland - The Future. Redefined.

On 9th September 2016 Roland and BOSS launched an array of new products, with new gear for drummers, guitarists, keyboardists, producers and more!

Roland and BOSS launched an array of new products on 9th September 2016. The Future. Redefined.

909day, as it was dubbed, saw Roland host a 24 hour stream that went live across the world - with locations in Tokyo, Berlin, Brussels, Paris, Toronto, NYC, Los Angeles - whereby a range of exciting new products were announced. Here's a rundown of what's new...

First up we have the Roland Katana amps. A range of 4 products - a 50w, 100w, and 100w 2x12" combos alongside a 100w head. Taking inspiration from the flagship Waza, these new amps come loaded with 5 unique amp characters, access to up to 55 effects and switchable power outputs - making them suitable for home, stage or studio. 

The BOSS GT-1 multi-effects is another great new product. A compact, easy to use effects unit with a sound engine derived from the flagship GT model. Get access to an array of great sounds at a super affordable price!

Drummers are certainly going to be excited, from beginners to pros. The Roland TD-1KPX is a compact, portable electronic drum kit that comes with all mesh heads, this is now the cheapest Roland kits treated to the class leading, great feeling pads. At the other end of the scale we have the new daddies of the V-Drums range...the Roland TD50K and TD50KV. These kits have had a complete re-design, with amongst other things, brand new super high quality sound samples, a new digital snare and ride and a comprehensive, powerful module.

Sticking with the percussion side of things, we have the Roland EC-10M ElCajon Mic Processor. This little device is a superb addition for any gigging cajon player. The EC-10M allows easy access to amplify your cajon's natural tone (with the included mic) and blend it alongside an array of built in sounds from the floor mounted module. A built in looper and added functionality with the option to add a foot pedal, make this a superb little cajon add-on.

Four new pianos have been launched. The Roland RP501R is a great family piano that'll satisfy the beginner or pro thanks to its dynamic feel and authentic, responsive sounds. The FP-90 is the new flagship stage piano, delivering the class-leading SuperNATURAL sound engine, the top-end PHA-50 weighted keyboard and a new 4-speaker sound system. Designed especially for the modern home, the DP-603 is a stylish home piano with a slim, compact design, superb feel and sound. Finally we have the Roland GP-607, a standout mini-grand piano that utilizes a host of flagship appointments, with the latest SuperNATURAL sound engine, PHA-50 weighted action and stunning 4.1-channel multi-speaker system.

Other exciting products include new 'version 2' Roland Boutique gear. The TR-9 takes the iconic TR-909 drum machine and packs it into a super compact unit, the TB-03 is a direct descendant of the classic TB-303 bass synth whilst the VP-03 is a miniature version of the VP-330 Vocoder Plus, one of the most popular vocoders ever made.

Roland also entered a brand new category with the launch of the DJ-808. The DJ-808 is a next generation DJ controller with a 4-channel mixer, built-in drum sequencing, with sounds taken from the TR drum machine (808, 909 etc), vocal processing, and deep integration with Serato DJ software.

909day was certainly a huge success, allowing Roland to launch a superb selection of products in a way that has never been done before. With something new and exciting for guitarists, drummers, keybaordists, producers and DJs it's all very exciting!


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