ZT Amplifiers

ZT Amplifiers

The loudest little amps in the world!...check out the ZT Amplifier range including the ZT Lunchbox, ZT Club and the ZT Lunchbox Acoustic.


ZT Lunchbox

Packing 200 watts of power, the ultra portable Lunchbox has enough output for a jam or live gig, and world-class tone that has pros using it in the studio as well as onstage. Unlike any other amp close to its size, it has the muscle to handle any effects you throw in front of it, and the warmth and depth to sound great with single-coil pickups as well as humbuckers.


ZT Club

The Club expands on the Lunchbox platform by featuring separate bass & treble controls, an effects loop, and a traditional reverb. The rock-solid enclosed cabinet reinforces the Club’s serious, kick-you-in-the-chest low end. Highs and mids are detailed, with rich harmonics and an immediate attack that lets the player really connect with the amp.

ZT Lunchbox Acoustic

The Lunchbox Acoustic is ZT’s first two-channel amp, a compact masterpiece with perfect features, flexibility and tone for the performing acoustic musician. A top quality, dedicated microphone channel and separate instrument channel each sport the individual controls you need and the rich tonal palette you want.


Lunchbox Cabinet

It’s a Lunchbox without the amp…a passive extension speaker, with the same solid-as-a-brick cabinet housing the same custom-design 6.5” driver used in the Lunchbox amp.


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