Akai EIE Pro Review

Akai EIE Pro Review

The Akai EIE Pro USB audio interface features a unique, solidly built, tactile design and great specs. The guys at have just given it an impressive 4.5 our 5 star review.

The Akai EIE Pro 24bit USB 2.0 Audio Interface is the big brother (not in size only in spec) to the Akai EIE. Both models have a very unique look compared to many other 'sleek' USB interfaces, delivering a very hands on, tactile and visual (thanks to the VU's) retro design. It may well be a chunky, solidly built piece of equipment but it's specs speak for themselves.

It features 4 XLR / 1/4" combo jack, 2 classic VU metres, MIDI In/Out, 3 additional USB Ports (acts as a hub) and pain free plug and play operation...all in all a great spec unit that not only looks the part but delivers in the areas where you need it.

Based on all this 'goodness' the team at have given the EIE Pro a 4.5 out of 5 star review, quoting - 'With unique features and enhanced audio resolution, the EIE Pro is impressive at this price.' and the pros of 'Flexible input and monitoring options; USB 'hub' connectivity'.

Both models of the EIE range are now available:


Akai EIE USB Audio Interface

Akai EIE Pro USB Audio Interface


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27th February 2012


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