Alto TX2 Series

Alto TX2 Series

Alto have redesigned their TX Series of powered PA speakers, delivering more power, more protection and modern styling!

Alto's TX Series of speakers proved a popular addition to the ever expanding range of products that Alto produce. Alto have now taken the initial TX models to a new level with the TX2 Series.

Inspired by the Truesonic range, the new TX2 range of powered PA speakers deliver a new elegant style, more power and improved sound, all while maintaining that all important affordable price point.

There are 4 models in the range. The 8" TX208, 10" TX210, 12" TX212 and finally the 15" TX215. The TX208 and TX210 units both utilize a new 300 (peak power, 150 continuous) Class D power amp, whilst the larger TX212 and TX215 host a 600w (peak power, 300 continuous) Class D amps.

New for all the units is a stylish full grille design, which not only improves looks but also aids protection. A newly designed horn also features, designed to produce a wider radiation angle, perfect for audience coverage.

With a size, power option to suit all requirements, the Alto TX2 range of speakers are perfect option for bands, musicians and DJs in the market for affordable professional audio reproduction.  

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27th April 2018
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