Blackstar HT1 5 Star Review

Blackstar HT1 5 Star Review

The Blackstar HT1 Amplifier has just received a 5 star review from Total Guitar magazine...confirming what we alreay know...these amps are great!



Blackstar HT1 5 Star Review

The Blackstar HT-1 has won the Total Guitar Best Buy award after receiving five stars in a stellar product review. With one Watt output and an 8” speaker the HT-1 delivers tasty blues and classic rock break-up on the clean channel to full-bore metal on the overdrive channel. All three variations (combo with reverb, combo without reverb and head with reverb) come with an emulated output, luscious stereo reverb and mp3/line input, practicing through headphones has never sounded so good. Reviewer Stuart Williams states “get one before they sell out!”


Blackstar HT1 Combo £169

Blackstar HT1R Combo £199

Blackstar HT1RH Head £169


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26th November 2010


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