Blackstar ID: Series

Blackstar ID: Series

Blackstar launched their new ID: Series range at Frankfurt last week. They feature the TVP (True Valve Power) technology, 6 channels, studio quality FX and more.

Blackstar's new ID: Series is a brand new range featuring unique innovations and the versatility of programmability whilst still retaining a intuitive traditional control set.

The amps start with the patent-applied-for True Valve Power section which allows for 6 different power valve responses - EL84, 6v6, EL34, KT66, 6L6 and the KT88. The TVP section when engaged delivers all the tonal qualities - response, dynamics, break up, harmonic content - of the selected valve type plus with all the power that you'd expect from a tube amp. This means that you can get the valve tone you want but safe in the knowledge of perfect performance night after night.

The Voice control allows for 6 different channels - Clean Warm, Clean Bright, Crunch, Super Crunch, OD 1, OD 2. Once you tie these in, with the TVP and ISF filter your desired tonal heaven with supreme tweak ability is here at last.

It doesn't stop there, studio quality effects are at hand in the form of modulation, delay and reverb (all 3 can be used simultaneously). If you want to go more in depth then deep editing and the storing of patches is simple using the supplied Blackstar GUI software.

An emulated output, MP3/line input and midi footswitching functionality complete the package.

By using the unique Voice control, patented ISF and patent-applied-for True Valve Power, these amplifiers allow unparalleled flexibility and ease of use, enabling you to in effect, design the sound in your head and deliver it live as loud as valve™. Individuality is power!


The range currently has two combos, two heads and two 4x12 cabs:


Blackstar ID:60TVP 60w Programmable 1x12" Combo

Blackstar ID:260TVP 2x60w Programmable 2x12" Combo

Blackstar ID:60TVPH 60w Programmable Head

Blackstar ID:100TVP 100w Programmable Head

Blackstar ID:412A Angled Cab

Blackstar ID:412B Base Cab



The Blackstar ID:Series Demo Video:

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27th March 2012


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