Blackstar LT Pedals

Blackstar LT Pedals

Blackstar have just announced a new range of pedals in the form of the LT Series, there are 5 models - LT Boost, LT Drive, LT Dist, LT Metal and the LT Dual.

The new Blackstar LT Pedals are based on the award winning, valve driven HT range of pedals.

There are 5 models in the range, with all delivering amazing valve like tonal performance and responsiveness thanks to the PAF clipping circuit. Plus, thanks to their great prices your wallet (or purse!) won't be hit to heavy!

With their compact size they'll will happily fit onto your pedal board and thanks to their rugged metal construction last gig after gig....and they can be powered by a standard 9v battery.

The LT Boost is a pedal designed to push your amp that little bit harder or as a straight boost for your all important solo.

The LT Drive, LT Dist and LT Metal are all drive pedals that depending on the pedal (pretty self explanatory), will deliver classic overdrives through to hard hitting metal power. One thing of note is that the LT Dist and the LT Metal both feature Blackstar's ISF filter - a simple one knob filter that will take you from US to UK style tones in an instant.

Last up is the the LT Dual. Taking clear inspiration from the best selling HT Dual, the LT Dual features 2 selectable channels, with the Channel 1 delivering clean, to boost to overdrive tones whilst the 2nd channel will take your from powerful crunch sounds upto to full on screaming lead tones. This unit also features the ISF filter for simple, tonal manipulation.


Blackstar LT Boost £49

Blackstar LT Drive £49

Blackstar LT Dist £69

Blackstar LT Metal £79

Blackstar LT Dual £99



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11th July 2013


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