BOSS RC-1 Loop Pedal

BOSS RC-1 Loop Pedal

The BOSS RC1 loop pedal is a new addition to BOSS's line of Loop Stations. It's affordable, simple to use and has a cool LED loop indicator.

If you are in the market for a a new loop pedal, or your first looper then the new BOSS RC1 could be just for you!


BOSS RC-1 Loop Station Loop Pedal


The RC1 is BOSS's most affordable loop pedal to date, but don't worry and you'll still get all the essential functionality. superb quality and ease of use as with all the BOSS loop pedals.

With its 12 minutes of looping time, there is more than enough to enable you to create some hugely detailed loops and thanks to the visual LED display you can easily check what mode you are in and the length of the loop.

With the simple one button design creating loops, overdubbing, undoing and redoing is a breeze.

Easy to use, rugged build quality and affordable, the BOSS RC-1 is a a great option for the guitarist, bassist or keyboard player wanting some looping fun!


By Rob Evans

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02nd September 2014


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