BOSS Waza Craft Pedals

BOSS Waza Craft Pedals

BOSS have just announced a new line of premium pedals - the Waza Craft series. The BOSS DM-2w Delay, BOSS SD-1w Super Overdrive and BOSS BD-2w Blues Driver.

BOSS have just launched 3 pedals from a new 'Waza Craft' series.

Taking 3 classic BOSS pedals and injecting them with some premium appointments and design overhauls from the team at BOSS Japan, these pedals are sure to please players with an ear for a highly refined tone!


BOSS DM-2w Delay

BOSS SD-1w Super Overdrive

BOSS BD-2w Blue Driver


All 3 models feature a Standard mode that delivers the authentic qualities of their respective original inspiration (very exciting for all those players that have been searching for the original BOSS DM-2 Delay), plus there is a Custom mode that reacts in a more modern way.

What's Waza Craft? I hear you say. Well roughly translated it means 'art and technique'. Anyways, all you need to know is that these special edition pedals deliver the pinnacle of BOSS design and craftsmanship, delivering exceptional tone and levels of touch response that is generated via the carefully selected analogue components and refined circuitry.




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15th July 2014


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