BOSS Waza Craft Pedals

BOSS Waza Craft Pedals

So what are these "Waza Craft" special edition guitar pedals all about and what makes them so different to the standard generation of BOSS pedals?

It's probably safe to say that as far household names go in the music gear industry, BOSS are certainly up there, With some of the most heard and recognised pedals ever made over the last few decades, all thanks to their constant innovation and decades of experience. With their current standard range still going strong many people are confused as to what the newer "Waza Craft" range really brings to the table. 

First of all let's get the first question out the way which im sure everyone is thinking. What does Waza Craft even mean? According to BOSS the term "WAZA" in Japanese means "Art and Technique", this was chosen to symbolise the premium nature of the range and the fact that it is the pinnacle of BOSS design and craftsmanship. With this in mind BOSS had a vision that involved taking the most popular and famous pedals of theirs from down the years and simply improving them! All analogue components, refined circuitry and meticulous attention to detail do exactly this by evolving the original designs into something with that boutique, modded feel.

BOSS VB-2W Waza Craft Vibrato 

This Waza Craft special edition takes the faithful BOSS VB-2W Vibrato Pedal that burst onto the pedal scene back in 1982 and essentially overhauls the original circuit, all while maintaining the pure analogue and bucket brigade magic found in the vintage model. With the Waza Craft VB-2W BOSS also focused on improving on the 80's design by adding an innovative new vibrato mode and real-time control function for enhanced expression. 

BOSS SD-1w Super Overdrive Pedal - Waza Craft Series

The BOSS SD-1W really is considered a legend in the 'Premium' overdrive world. The way to think of this Waza Craft edition is that at its core you will find the original SD-1 circuit that has been 'beefed up' or 'modded' by the expert designers in BOSS Japan, the SD-1W now puts to use all analogue circuitry for that highly refined drive sound. In the 'Standard' mode you can expect that glorious tube amp like sparkle and crunch that the SD-1 was famous for, while in the alternative 'Custom' mode you will hear more a gritty drive that is highly responsive to any dynamics and volume changes. A classic refined, modded and made more tonally versatile. 

BOSS DM-2w Delay Pedal - Waza Craft Series 

The BOSS DM-2 is the stuff of legends. Simply browse Ebay and you will soon realise how in demand the originals are, with extortionate sums of money trading hands just to own one of the most famous analogue delays ever made. This DM-2W was designed in BOSS Japan to offer an identical replica of the analogue circuit with BBD technology of those found in the old DM-2s. Anything for that authentic, ultimate BOSS stompbox experience. Now imagine the legendary DM-2 but with the added benefits of a custom mode offering over double the delay time, expression pedal input and two output jacks for separate output of delay and direct sounds. This is exactly what the BOSS Waza Craft DM-2W achieves but at a price mere mortals can afford.  

BOSS BD-2w Blues Driver Pedal - Waza Craft Series

BOSS's BD-2W is up there with the finest and most popular pedals they have ever made with countless pros adopting it for their effects arsenal such as John Mayer, Billie Joe Armstrong and Prince. Again sticking to the Waza Craft vision BOSS have decided to up the ante even more by offering both the standard BD-2 drive voicing loved by so many and a modded custom channel that will deliver an overdrive with increased body and sustain. This all-analogue drive is a real tonal weapon for many styles!

BOSS CE-2w Chorus Pedal - Waza Craft Series

 As far as no-nonsense refined Chorus effects go, the BOSS CE-2W is extremely highly regarded as BOSS were actually the company who first helped put Chorus as an effect on the map. Back in 1976 BOSS released the CE-1 Chorus that would take the world by storm, the original CE-2's circuit and all the tonal qualities remain but with added Waza Craft additions and upgrades to keep up with the modern musician. This faithful reproduction of the analogue original features a new stereo output for that huge spread of sound and a variable chord depth that was never available before now. This Pedal is essentially an updated version of an original that already has a star studded user list including Eric Clapton, Josh Kilnghoffer, Johnny Marr and David Gilmour.

BOSS TU-3w Chromatic Tuner Pedal - Waza Craft Series

You may think other than it's new sleek black finish that this TU-3W is identical to the original white TU-3, a pedal that has become one of the most used workhorse tuners on the market today, and for the most part you would be right, except for a few tweaks and upgrades. The biggest of these Waza Craft upgrades include redesigned circuitry that allows the user to choose between buffered or true-bypass operation at any one time. Also improved is the audio quality that is now the most transparent to date, this ensures that all the precious guitar tone remains intact. 

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