Casio AP220 now only 499!

Casio AP220 now only 499!

For a limited time you can pickup a Casio Celviano AP-220 Digital Piano for only 499.99. A lot of piano for under 500!

For a limited time you can pickup a Casio Celviano AP220 Digital Piano for only £499.99...that's alot of piano for under £500! Plus you'll get FREE delivery too (UK Mainland only).

If you are after a great value digital piano then the Casio AP220 really delivers. The AP220 features 88 full size, tri sensor keys with a weighted scaled hammer action making for a great acoustic piano like feel and with the stunning brown cabinet finish it looks the part too.

As for sounds, well you have 16 tones to choose from, with the ability to layer two sounds or split the keyboard to allow a bass sound in the left hand. There are 4 level stereo samples and in conjunction with the built in reverb and chrous effects the AP220 delivers superb tone and realism.

In addition the Casio AP220 features 128 notes of polyphony, USB MIDI and a Duet Mode.

Put all this together and you can see that Casio AP-220 really is a superb value package and makes for a perfect addition to any home.


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28th September 2012


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