EHX Synth9 and EHX Canyon

EHX Synth9 and EHX Canyon

The Electro Harmonix Synth9 and Canyon pedals are two pedals that are sure to get guitarists excited!

The never-ending roll of new Electro Harmonix pedals doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon, as we see the launch of two very exciting pedals - the EHX Synth9 and EHX Canyon.

The Electro Harmonic Synth9 is another addition to the groundbreaking (and hugely popular) 9 series pedals - B9, C9, Key9 and Mel9. Utilizing the same great technology found in the other 9 Series pedals, the Synth9 will allow your guitar to emulate an array of classic synth tones heard in classic records, think P-Funk, EVH, Kraftwerk, Joy Division, ELP and Peter Gabriel!

The EHX Canyon is a delay and loop pedals that delivers a collection of truly inspiring effects. The delay tones on board will give you everything you need to create lush soundscapes - crystal clear digital delays, warm modulated delays, reverse delays, cascading octave delays and more! There are a total of ten delays effects in total, plus there is a fully feature looper too!

Electro Harmonix always manage to bring something new and exciting to the 'guitar effects table' and that is certainly the case with these two new additions!


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09th March 2017
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