Epiphone Casino Coupe

Epiphone Casino Coupe

The new for 2014 Epiphone Casino Coupe delivers the classic Casino hollowbody design but in a compact design.

The new for 2014 Epiphone Casino Coupe, takes the classic hollow bodied design of the standard Casino and scales down the body size, to deliver a more compact instrument. This makes for a guitar that'll appeal to solid body players wanting to try out a semi-acoustic and also people who have been put off with the large body size of the regular Casino.

The Casino Coupe has all the classic styling of the iconic Casino but delivers a ‘tighter’ tonal quality, albeit still with the classic open, vintage tone that comes courtesy of the body construction and pair of classic dog ear P90 pickups.


Epiphone Casino Coupe - Cherry

Epiphone Casino Coupe - Natural

Epiphone Casino Coupe - Vintage Sunburst





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08th August 2014


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