Epiphone Les Paul Classic-T

Epiphone Les Paul Classic-T

New for 2014 are the Epiphone Les Paul Classic-T guitars. To date, these are the most affordable self tuning guitars available thanks to the featured Min-ETune self tuning system.

Epiphone have just announced a new for 2014 model that comes equipped with the self tuning Min-ETune system - the Epiphone Les Paul Classic-T - the worlds most affordable self tuning guitar (to date!).


Epiphone Les Paul Classic-T with Min-ETune - Black Cherry

Epiphone Les Paul Classic-T with Min-ETune - Midnight Ebony

Epiphone Les Paul Classic-T with Min-ETune - Midnight Sapphire


At its heart the Les Paul Classic-T is still a true Les Paul. Its Mahogany body utilizes the iconic single cut body shape and tops it with a figured Maple veneer top. Two newly designed humbuckers (CeramicPros), aid in delivering those Les Paul tones we know and love all controlled by the 3-way pickup switch and 4 control section.

The talking point with the Classic-T is the onboard Min-ETune self tuning system. The Min-ETune is an unobtrusive unit that fits to the back of the headstock. It is couple with a set of tuners to deliver fast, accurate tuning all at the touch of a button - with the inclusion of 16 preset tunings.

With many Gibson models now featuring the Min-ETune system as standard, it seems that 2014 could be the year for the self-tuning guitar!



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28th January 2014


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