EVANS UV1 Drum Heads

EVANS UV1 Drum Heads

The Evans UV1 drum heads deliver unmatched durability, consistency, strength and sound.

Introducing the EVANS UV1 Drum Heads. These innovative heads are the number one solution for drummers who are tired of flaked, chipped and worn out coatings!

What makes the UV1 different? The UV1 is the result of countless hours of research, innovation and determination from the technicians down at EVANS. The goal was to make an ultra durable yet versatile head that would perform consistently, without losing that open expressive tone drummers love. 

The UV1's name comes from the patented UV-cured coating that is applied to each head. The development of this coating means drummers can expect a more durable and consistent single ply head that will retain that natural, lively sound for longer! 

With the UV1 EVANS have taken their much loved Level 360 Technology collar, a unique design that ensures proper contact between drum head and shell, and combined it with a tough 10mil film which adds exceptional strength and tonal versatility.  

The UV1's construction comes with the new skin which boasts an impressively increased surface texture. This makes the UV1's extremely responsive which is always a great feature for those who often play with brushes. 

The UV1 snare/tom batter heads are available from sizes 10" - 16" online and in store now!

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11th April 2017
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