Fat Cat Snare Wires

Fat Cat Snare Wires

Fat Cat Snappy Snares are now available at GigGear...high quality snare wires with a great range of options including their 24 Strand Dual Tension Snares.

Fat Cat Snappy Snares are now available at GigGear


Since 1995, Fat Cat Snappy Snares wires have been engineered for high performance, superior sound and long life. Now made of 90% carbon steel wire, attached to stainless steel end plates for the finest quality.

Available for various snare drum sizes with Pitch (for little or no snare beds) or No Pitch (for deeper snare beds) or the 24 Strand Dual Tension Snares (12 throw off adjustable strands for a tight sound and 12 tension-reducible strands for ultra-sensitive sound0. Eliminates need for two throw-offs. Fattens your sound. Fully active at any volume and fits most snares.


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08th September 2010


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