Fender BassBreaker Amps

Fender BassBreaker Amps

The Fender BassBreaker amps are a new 9-piece range that combine classic Fender DNA with a gritty, dark modern twist.

New from Fender! The Fender BassBreaker range of guitar amps deliver a new take on what you'd expect from a Fender amp...the Bass Breaker amps take Fender to the darkside! Delivering endless grit and powerful dark tones in conjunction with classic Fender DNA, the BassBreaker amps are a welcome addition to the Fender amp range.

There are a total of 9 pieces in the range with a selection of valve combos, valve heads and cabinets.

Along with Fender cleans, the Bassbreaker series offer alternative settings designed for the player in search of a harder, heavier sound whilst also delivering a new, modern dark spin on classic Fender styling. Each unit is super versatile with unique options and features whilst also being super pedal-friendly. 


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14th January 2016


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