FREE Gear & Delivery with Roland TD9KX

FREE Gear & Delivery with Roland TD9KX

Buy a Roland TD9KX and we'll give you FREE AKG K44 Headphones, Mapex Drum Stool and Pedal a pair of FREE delivery.


Buy a Roland TD9KX and we'll give you a FREE Accessory Pack and FREE delivery.

The Accessory package is worth over £91. Accessory package includes:

  • Mapex T250a Drum Stool
  • Mapex P500 Bass Drum Pedal
  • AKG K44 Headphones
  • Drum Sticks


Newly Developed Percussion Sound Module

The TD-9, new engine of the TD-9KX comes with hundreds of new sounds, real-audio songs and patterns onboard, plus new Scope and Quick Rec/Quick Play practice functions and 3-way ride triggering availability, it raises the bar significantly in its price range. The full V-Hi-Hat (VH-11) compatibility is also perfect for optional system expansion.

Fast and Friendly User Interface

The TD-9 is outfitted with a luxurious, large backlit display with accompanying oversized buttons and controls. Its friendly, icon-based user interface makes editing sounds and customizing kits fast and fun.

Interactive Innovation

Play along with real-audio backing songs to build your musical experience base. Use the USB port to import audio files of your choice (.WAV), back up your data, or save a "quick record" performance. The "Quick Record" and "Quick Play" features allow you to immediately record and play back solo drum parts, or drum parts performed with the backing songs. Special connecting cable allows for fast, clean, and easy connection to the pads.

Convenience & Stability of New Drum Stand

The new drum rack (MDS-9) offers a sturdy four-leg design with new, improved ball-joint snare and cymbal mounts for fast, flexible component placement. Whether you're in search of a clean, streamlined setup for your home or a strong rack for gigs that sets up and tears down fast, the new MDS-9 delivers.



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08th December 2010


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