Gear of the Week 'Premium Pieces' - 6th July 2016

Gear of the Week 'Premium Pieces' - 6th July 2016

Issue 4 of gear of the week is all about the premium products in some of our key ranges around the store.

Gear of the week issue 4 is here and this time its all about the many "Premium" items that exist in our various gear ranges around the store. 

Here's our picks:

Fender American Elite Series (Strat, Tele and Tele Thinline) - Successor to the American Deluxe range with a host of big modern upgrades.

Gibson Les Paul Standard - The go to rock or blues guitar has always been a 'Premium" option for guitarists all over the world and through the decades.

Ashdown ABM Head - 575 watts of gut rumbling power and a huge array of tone shaping features leaves the ABM as the top dog in the Ashdown range. 

Roland LX-17 - This classy, great sounding and timeless piano for home is an example of Roland's quality and consistency when it comes to building 'Premium" pianos. 

All items are in stock at the time of writing.

Fender American Elite Series

In our “Premium” themed issue we simply had to include Fender’s new 2016 Elite series. These instruments are a super modern take on the classic Fender’s the world originally fell in love with, making them the ultimate tools of creativity and expression.

These all new designs all pack an American Elite neck heel, 4th generation noiseless pickups for noise free vintage style tone, new truss rod adjustment wheel for easy access, short post tuners for increased stability, re-designed body contours and new modern “C to D” shaped neck profile for unmatched comfort.

These Elites are a force to be reckoned with in every department! A flexible S-1 switch for sonic changes is included on all models while the tele thinline rocks a new suspension bridge and the Strats give you access to the new soft touch knobs for that added edge.

Gibson Les Paul Standard

The Les Paul Standard needs no introduction, having always sat at the top of the Gibson tree for decades the Standard is the definition of ‘Premium”. Crafted for those who need an instrument that gives you that vintage look, feel and tone while also being modern and reliable at the same time.

This truly is a fully loaded Les Paul. You can expect a compound-radius rosewood fingerboard and the modern weight relief treatment that delivers outstanding balance and playing feel while driving the guitar's iconic sound.

We have a huge range of colours and style options in store right now so you can come down and find YOUR perfect Les Paul.

Ashdown ABM head

The ABM head is the ultimate weapon of choice for any gigging bassist, whether it's a small pub or an enormous stadium! Its class leading solid state preamp and optimum high wattage performance are why it qualifies easily as our ‘Premium” amplifier head in our bass department.

The reasons behind featuring the ABM could go on forever but here a few key points that give it the edge over the competition. The ABM allows you to go from those warm solid state preamp tones all the way to thundering overdriven tube sounds with the variable valve drive blend, even tweak the drive level as a preset and kick it in and out via the included footswitch.

Another ultimate gig friendly option that the ABM boasts is its ABM EQ. This features the familiar Bass, Middle and Treble controls but with two pairs of additional sliders to give you the flexibility of a graphic equaliser with the simplicity of a traditional 3 band EQ.

Very handy features for the gigging musician who demands a variety of sounds from one reliable amp.

Roland LX17

One of the most exciting and luxurious Pianos Roland have ever created offers the “Premium” home piano experience with its rich, graceful acoustic emulation and super natural piano modelling.

Along with a unique keyboard that blends wood and moulded materials for that great feel and durability, this modern piano even has bluetooth so you can access the sound from music apps or online piano lessons via the high tech 8 inch speakers.

The LX17 is the ultimate in home pianos with its elegant design and timeless overall sound. Now available in our piano department with a 10 year warranty from Roland and a choice of both polished ebony or polished white finishes.


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