Gear of the Week - Yamaha

Gear of the Week - Yamaha

Here's our section where we hand pick our favourite products and this week the theme is Yamaha. This blog post will give an insight into a selection of Yamaha guitars and amps we stock and where their strengths lie.

So it's gear of the week time here at GigGear once again and this time we will be focusing on some popular Yamaha lines. After unpacking our recent delivery we thought it would be a good idea to talk you through some products that we stock, letting you know what guitars or amps are popular for different styles and applications as well their key features that make them such great products.

SLG200S Steel Strung Silent Guitar - Tobacco Sunburst 

The genius that is Yamaha's Silent Guitar is built around its pure practicality, flexibility and eye catching design. The SLG200S is the perfect guitar for discrete practise with its exclusive SRT-Powered pickup system giving incredibly natural acoustic tone through headphones or the line-out socket, perfect for those late night solo sessions or tour hotel room rehearsal. 

Don't assume this is a one trick guitar however, the Silent Guitar can also be plugged into a PA system for those small performances where its rosewood/maple framed collapsible bodies will offer superb practicality in transit. The sound quality is certainly not something that suffers either thanks to the amazing studio-quality on-board effects that are sure to enhance your tone and compliment your playing. 


Yamaha's APX-500 guitars will provide their new owners with great value for money, top sound quality and distinctive style, all in one popular electro-acoustic instrument. Available in variety of colours including Natural, Black, Dusk Sun Red, Vintage Sunburst and Oriental Blue the APX500 is a great looking small bodied cutaway guitar that is proven to be highly comfortable with great higher fret access. With trusty Nato/Okume used when constructing the back and sides and traditional Spruce for the soundboard the tone has a bright, punchy quality that is further enhanced by a System 66 preamp and under saddle transducer when plugged in. 

 THR Amplifiers 

These often overlooked portable amplifiers are packed with technology, highly useful features and always have a sensible price tag. There are currently 5 Yamaha amps in the THR series, the 5 and 10 watt versions of the original all rounder, an acoustic driven amplifier, a rock/metal voiced option and even a boutique edition.  

For a compact rehearsal amplifier the Yamahas really have all the key elements for a highly competent small gigging or rehearsal amp in their relevant fields. With the 5 or 10 watt THR amplifiers you are able to toggle between different amp types such as Clean, Crunch, Lead, Brit Hi, Modern and experience countless built in effects with hi-fi stereo audio quality, these really are units that pack a punch. Its much the same story with the acoustic THR which also provides an excellent all round desktop acoustic amp with handy built in tuner and an EQ system, a tool that will really bring the best out of your acoustic. 

The THRs can even be powered by batteries alone and isoptimsed for USB connectivity and the Cubase AI6 bundled software!


The Yamaha NTX-700s are essentially in theory classical guitars with solid spruce tops, but the neck is more narrow, much like a traditional acoustic guitar. These are highly playable guitars and will suit most genres like flamenco, Latin, Pop, Rock or Jazz perfectly. Combine the more modern neck and useful cutaway body with the Nato construction and System61 electronics you get an undeniably professional nylon strung classical guitar sound that can will amplify beautifully. 

The NTX-700 is currently available in classic Natural finish for those who want tradition, with the excellent benefits of modern additons and innovation. 

 Revstar Electric Range

For those who aren't aware, Yamaha produce some seriously impressive electric guitars that have been adopted by the rock and metal community, going by the name of Revstar. The Revstar was inspired by London and Tokyo’s old school street-racing motorbikes and marks Japan’s superior engineering values and heritage. The 50-year legacy of guitar craftsmanship by Yamaha has resulted in this unique double cutaway maple topped mahogany design that offers perfectly matched custom components across the whole range.

What makes these guitars special is the option to pick the perfect guitar for you with countless finish, pickup or hardware choices making every Revstar look unique. Whether you prefer P90s, Vintage humbuckers or Tron style pickups, wraparound or tune-O-matic bridges, there will be a Revstar for you. 


The APXT2 is a superb travel ready semi-acoustic guitar that boasts a small body with a single cutaway for the ultimate comfortable playing experience and superb fret access. Whatever your style this guitar will excell as your go to guitar, whether its casual strumming on your sofa or taking to the stage! 

With the APXT2 you get a simple yet distinctive design that features a rosewood fingerboard for that additional tonal warmth, a compact 580mm scale length and a choice of Natural, Black, Dark Red Burst and Old Violin Sunburst. The most impressive feature of this highly affordable instrument is the fact i comes with the Yamaha ART pickup system & Pre-amp for those times when you need to be heard, alongside this is a built in tuner for on the go tuning.

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