Gibson 2016 Guitars

Gibson 2016 Guitars

The Gibson 2016 Traditional (T) range is very much a back to basics design - manual tuners, traditional style neck and a GraphTech nut.

Gibson have gone back to basics for the new 2016 range of guitars. This means that the 2016 range of Les Pauls, SGs, Flying Vs, Explorers and Firebirds will have manual tuners, traditional neck widths and GraphTech nuts....delivering the classic look and feel that is loved the world over.

Gibson 2016 Traditional (T) 'back to basics' features include:

  • Manual tuners
  • Traditional neck widths
  • Traditional nut widths
  • GraphTech nut
  • Standard (fixed) scratchplates (where applicable)

Many of the models in this latest range have specs, colour options and designs from the hugely popular models that were around in 2012-2013. Amongst the regular models like the Les Paul Standard and SG Standard there is a welcome return for the Les Paul 50s and 60s Tributes and the Les Paul Studio / SG faded models.


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09th October 2015


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