Gibson Les Paul Standard 2008

Gibson Les Paul Standard 2008

We have limited stock of the Gibson Les Paul Standard 2008 left - this is a great iteration of the legendary guitar and comes in cheaper than the Gibson Les Paul Standard 2012 model.

The Gibson Les Paul Standard 2008 model may well have been superseded by the new crop of Gibson Les Paul Standard 2012 models but that in no way makes for an obvious option when choosing a Les Paul. The 2008 version really holds it's own with some unique appointments and finish options.

The 2008 Standard starts with a chambered Mahogany body, making the once shoulder stressing Les Paul slightly more comfortable for that 3 hour set! The chambering technique delivers a guitar that has perfect tone, balance, improved sustain, resonance and obviously a lighter weight. As with all classic Les Pauls a carved Maple cap adorns the Mahogany body helping deliver the legendary sound that has been heard on thousands of stages and records (and mp3's!!).

The 2008's asymmetrical neck is ultra comfortable, with a design that is thicker on the bass side and thinner on the treble side - outlining the natural shape of the hand. A Rosewood fingerboard is fitted with 22 frets and the infamous trapezoid inlays.

The Gibson Burstbucker Pro pickups are designed specifically for the 2008. They feature Alnico V magnets which push a slightly hotter output that allows preamps to be driven that little harder for extra breakup. The Burstbucker Pro Neck is wound slightly less than the original PAFs, while the Burstbucker Pro Bridge is slightly overwound for increased output.

This Les Paul was one of the first models to be set up with the Plek machine. The Plek is a German made computer machine that carefully measures fingerboard and fret dimensions and then dresses them to ensure of the best playable neck virtually eliminating string buzz.

Other small but very important details includes a locking Neutrik jack, locking grover tuners, solderless potentiometers and a new enlarged neck tenon for improved transfer of vibration, tone and resonance.

Currently the 2008 model is £100 cheaper than the 2012....meaning you'll have some change left in your pocket too!


We have limited stock left of this wonderful iteration of a classic:

Gibson Les Paul Standard in Chicago Blue

Gibson Les Paul Standard in Desert Burst

Gibson Les Paul Standard in Ebony

Gibson Les Paul Standard in Iced Tea

Gibson Les Paul Standard in Light Burst

Gibson Les Paul Standard in Wine Red



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