Gibson Semi Acoustic Guitars

Gibson Semi Acoustic Guitars

We recently had a delivery of 4 stunning semi acoustic guitars from Gibson - the Gibson ES-330 with Bigsby, a Gibson ES-339, a left handed Gibson ES-335 and a Gibson ES-335 Bass

We regularly receive Gibson deliveries but very recently we had 4 great semi-acoustic pieces all come in at once - a Gibson ES-339, a left handed Gibson ES-335, a Gibson ES-335 Bass and a Gibson ES-330 with Bigsby.

First up (left to right) - for those that desire the classic ES-335 style guitar but have always been put off by the body size the Gibson ES-339 is the perfect solution. It features all the same classic construction but in a scaled down body size.

We always try to hold stock of left handed Gibson guitars and this left handed Gibson ES-335 that has just arrived is a stunner, featuring classic appointments and hosting a very tasty figured top.

Next up is something that all bass players will double take on! The Gibson ES-335 Bass has at long last been relaunched delivering that legendary vintage styling and this latest version hosts a pair of full size humbuckers helping to deliver great tone, full of warmth and vintage character.

Finally we have the Gibson ES-330. A hollow guitar that takes inspiration from 50s era models. It hosts a Bigsby vibrato is loaded with a pair of underwound dog ear P90 pickups and is finished in a classy Vintage Cherry with the VOS treatment.

Gibson ES-339 in Vintage Sunburst

Left Handed Gibson ES-335 in Cherry

Gibson ES-335 Bass in Vintage Sunburst

Gibson ES-330 in Vintage Cherry VOS with Bigsby



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03rd July 2013


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