Guitar FX Power Supplies

Guitar FX Power Supplies

Choosing the right power supply for your guitar effects pedals is sometimes a daunting task. How many volts, is it isolated, sag?!?...Let our guide help you choose the right power supply for your needs!

When considering building your pedal board it’s all too easy to get lost in the craziness of it all, the sonic possibilities, the delays that go on for days, the distortions that melt your face, choruses that make you feel funny inside. But what is so often overlooked is the humble power supply that should make it all work as you want it to and that is what we will be covering, why is this power supply more? So let’s begin.

Standard power supply
If only one pedal needs power great! This is the one. Either the recommended power supply from the supplier (i.e BOSS PSA230, TC Electronic PowerPlug 9) or a universal will do, be sure to match your voltages however or spark and bad smell are sure to follow. If you decide to add more to your chain you can add a daisy chain from the first pedal to add up to 5 more pedals, it is worth remembering that whilst this method will work there is always a possibility that you will pick up hum along the chain and the more expensive supplies can help guard against this by using either switch mode power supplies or complete isolation.

DC­9 Powerbank
This simple little box can make your life a lot simpler then the simple little box itself if you see what we mean?. A switch mode 9v (volts) 10 outputs at 100ma (milliamps) each, this can power most standard pedals without too much of a problem. If you are using some of the more juicy delays or modulations then you might find you run out of power too soon so just be aware of what you are plugging in.

The Diago Micropower9
This 9V 1000ma pedal is capable of powering 6 of your foot candies (when a daisy chain is added on to it) and using Diagos low noise technology makes sure your pedals are quieter than a mouse with ballet slippers on, It’s also small so if your pedal board real estate is at a premium then it’ll tuck nicely away in the corner.

The Diago PS01 Powerstation
The bigger brother to the Micropower this monster of power can supply up to 30 pedals! and is also compatible with 18v through an adaptor as well as adaptors to cover any brand of pedal. so if you can’t get enough effects and your pedal board is also large enough to carry a small car if required, this may well be the power supply for you. Not only is it that powerful but it’s also small about the same size as a laptop PSU), Strong , Doesn’t get hot, is quiet as the same mouse (mentioned previously and will work in any country, with the correct power cable but without transformers so it’s perfect for that world tour!.

Diago also have a range of adapters to make connecting their power supplies to non standard pedals easier.

MXR M237 DC Brick
This meaty little box of power can power up to eight 9v pedals and two 18v pedals at the same time, allowing for more juice to the hungry pedals in your collection. The DC Brick also has some handy fault finding features, such as leds that light up in the event of a short so you can quickly find the cause of power problems as well as short circuit and overload protection.

Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2
Voodoo Labs Answer to the pedal power conundrum is this the most expensive of our list, but with some good reasons to be so. Each output on the Pedal Power 2 is isolated from the next this stops one pedal from stealing the tone from another for its juice, Also allowing for silent pedals. The power supply is also divided into 3 parts with four 9/12 volt 100ma for any standard boss or other pedals, there two also 9V 250ma for your more powerful pedals Line 6 etc. Now onto Sag, the third section on this pedal are two 9V outputs that allow you to reduce the voltage down to 4v simulating a dying battery. This is great for drives, fuzzes and wahs, giving a more driven broken sound. Now you know what sag is!

In closing, there are many ways to power your board, so it all comes down to your needs. Are you jamming at home?...go smaller ann possibly cheaper. Are you irritated by the dreaded hum?...get a low noise psu. Can your pedalboard double as a surfboard?....go for a PSU that will take on 30 pedals at once! Does your pedalboard haunt your dreams in the dark of night with little legs and teeth chasing you down a corridor?...get therapy! It all comes down to what is right for you and if you aren’t sure, call us.

Posted on 23rd April 2015 by Alex Duncan 


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