Hayden Amps

Hayden Amps

We have just received stock of the latest generation of Hayden amps. These great amps have been designed from the ground up and deliver cool styling, all valve power and superb tone!

The MoFos are back!

Yep, the latest generation of Hayden MoFo amps have just arrived and they sound great and look super cool...they even have a light up green Magic Eye indicator that shows the amp performing!

This latest incarnation of Hayden amps have been designed from the ground up and have already created quite a buzz, winning Guitarist magazine's Guitarist Choice award. 

There are 3 heads in the range, going from the 2w Lil Mofo, to the 15w Mini Mofo and finally upto the ballsy 30w MoFo. A great feature of the 2 louder heads is the ability to tame them a little in the volume area and bring them down to useable volumes for home and studio use.

The heads are can be matched with a range of cabs designed to compliment the heads in design and tone.

Get all-valve, all-tone and all attitude. From crystal clean to walls of metal, MOFO does it!


Hayden Lil MoFo

Hayden Mini MoFo

Hayden MoFo

Hayden MoFo 112 Angled Cabinet

Hayden MoFo 212 Angled Cabinet




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10th October 2013


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