Kala Rumbler

Kala Rumbler

A new affordable model has been added to the U-Bass series - the new Kala Rumbler. Featuring an on-board preamp with active EQ and built-in tuner.

The Kala U-Bass range has been hugely popular and now they have added the Kala Rumbler to the series it is even more affordable to join in the U-Bass fun!

Taking what looks like an oversized Ukulele body and adding some special design tweaks and loading it with special strings the U-Bass manages to delivers unbelievable warm lows, reminiscent of an upright bass, not only do they sound good but they are also great fun to play.

Kala have now added the Rumbler to the U-Bass range. This affordable instrument comes loaded with a preamp that has active EQ and built-in tuner that goes alongside the on-board piezo pickup. Also unique to this model are the Rumbler Silver Strings as designed by market leader Aquila.

Perfect as a portable instrument that'll compliment not only fellow Ukuleles but will also fit nicely in many a musical context thanks to its solid, fundamental lows.

By Rob Evans

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20th August 2013


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