Korg Wavedrum

Korg Wavedrum

The next generation Korg Wavedrum WDX - use with hands, sticks, mallets or brushes!



The original Korg WAVEDRUM amazed the world back in 1994. This legendary musical instrument was instantly famous for its innovative design, performance possibilities, and unique sounds.
Now the affordable next-generation WAVEDRUM is here. Sonically richer, more sensitive, this 2nd generation WAVEDRUM is packed with enough power and expression to create its own musical legend. The wide dynamic range mimics that of an acoustic instrument. WAVEDRUM responds perfectly to the performer’s action, from subtly nuanced tapping and stroking to aggressive, repetitive strikes. The broad variety of sonic offerings ranges from traditional acoustic percussion instruments to new and unique percussion sounds. With WAVEDRUM, instruments that normally require special techniques to play, such as tabla, conga, etc., can be played with ease. In addition, WAVEDRUM establishes its own way of playing, granting the performer unparalleled levels of expression, full of originality and depth. Compact and lightweight in design, WAVEDRUM is ideal in all performance situations – from casual playing through to a full-on recording session or a live concert performance.

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29th September 2009


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