LD Maui Systems

LD Maui Systems

The LD Systems Maui Series is a range of compact PA array systems that are perfect for musicians, DJs and anyone after a portable, great sounding PA system.

The LD Maui Systems range is a collection of highly portable, compact PA systems designed for an array of applications, be it solo singer-songwriter, small band, fitness instructor, DJ, or anyone performer in need of a transportable sound solution.

All LD Maui systems feature a subwoofer base with a column system (multi piece) that assembles in seconds via way of the custom multi-pin connector, so no more annoying cables, plus they are super quick to setup and pack down.

The LD Maui 5 is the most affordable model. Delivering a punchy 200w RMS (800w Peak) of power via its compact sub and 3-piece column system and featuring a handy 4-channel mixer with Bluetooth, the Maui 5 is a great solution for a variety of tasks.

LD Maui 5 Video:

The LD Maui 11 Mix sits above the Maui 5. Loaded with a beefier speaker and amp system, the Maui 11 Mix puts out 300w RMS (1200w Peak) of power and features an integrated 3-channel mixer.

LD Maui 11 Mix Video:

With the LD Maui 28 Mix G2 (2nd generation) - you are treated to a slighter larger, albeit still very compact system, that pumps 1000w RMS (2000w Peak!) or power via its setup - the unit comprises of a sub fitted with two 8" woofers and two column units loaded with sixteen 3" full range speakers and dual 1" neodymium compression drivers. In addition, as with the more affordable Maui Systems, the Maui 28 Mix G2 features an onboard 4-channel mixer with Bluetooth connectivity.

LD Maui 28 Mix G2 Video:

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