Line 6 DT25

Line 6 DT25

The Line 6 DT25 has been designed in conjunction with Reinhold Bogner and utilizes valves and HD Amp Modelling for the ultimate in versatility. Here are some videos demoing tones that can be achieved.

The Line 6 DT25 Series has been co-designed with amp legend Reinhold Bogner and takes inspiration from it's big brother the DT50. It has a convenient selectable 25w or 10w output level and delivers all the tones you would ever need - US, UK, vintage and modern. A clever combination of HD modelling and real valve components not only make this amp highly versatile but also dripping with boutique tone.

The range comes in an amp and head form with the option of a extension cab.

Line 6 DT25 Combo

Line 6 DT25 Head

Line 6 DT25 Extension Cab


Here are 3 great videos courtesy of Line 6 demoing some of the tones that can be achieved:



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03rd October 2011


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