Line 6 POD HD

Line 6 POD HD

The new Line 6 POD HD delivers 22 HD amp models that deliver details like never before and they also host over 100 M Class FX made famous by the Line 6 M13 and M9.

The NEW Line 6 POD HD


The infamous bean shaped POD from Line 6 has been updated again - giving you the NEW Line 6 POD HD. Taking it's lead from the hugely popular Line 6 HD500, HD400 and HD300 floor based units the POD squeezes in their brand new HD amp modeling and a host of M Class FX (over 100!) taken from the Line 6 M13 and M9 units.

The revolutionary HD Amp Modeling delivers detail like never heard before, over 10 times more amplifier 'DNA' has been put into each amp model giving unbelievable realism at every knob turn and twist. 22 Models come preinstalled in the POD HD including stunning replications of classic Fender, Marshall, Vox and many more including top boutique amps. Never a company to disappoint in the features, Line 6 have also loaded the POD HD with over 100 M Class FX which have been taken directly from the massively popular M13 and M9 models.

With all of the above plus a host of other great features we are sure that this'll be another 'Bean' hit for Line 6.


For more info and to watch a video overview of the Line 6 Pod HD CLICK HERE

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20th July 2011


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