Mackie Now Available

Mackie Now Available

Mackie products are now avalable at GigGear - including the Thump Series, Onyx Series, VLZ3 Mixers, SRM Series and more!

Mackie now at GigGear

You can now get the great range of Mackie gear at GigGear. Mackie are known for their quality of product - their mixers, speakers and and studio gear are designed to deliver professional results from the home studio to the stage.


The SRM Speaker Series - The SRM Series deliver superior sound, performance, and affordability! Checkout the SRM450mkII and the SRM350mkII and the ultra portable SRM150. Also available (although not SRM Series) are the passive versions of the SRM450mkII's and SRM350mkII's - the C200 and C300z repectively.

The Thump Speaker Series - Designed by the same team that produced the SRM Series the new Thump Series TH-15A Loudspeaker and TH-18s Subwoofer deliver great performance at an unbelievable price!

The VLZ3 Mixer Series - The Mackie VLZ Mixers are the world's best-selling compact mixer line and is now even better thanks to the VLZ3 upgrades. The range includes - the 402-VLZ3, the 802-VLZ3, the 1202-VLZ3, the 1402-VLZ3, the 1642-VLZ3 and the 1602-VLZ3.

The ProFX Mixer Series - On stage or off, the ProFX Series Compact Effects Mixers with USB offer a professional feature set. Choose form either the ProFX8 or ProFX12.

The CFXmkII Mixer Series - Thge perfect all in one mixer for your next gig! Featuring high-headroom mic preamps and 32 bit digital effects. Three models are available - the CFX12mkII, the CFX16mkII and the CFX20mkII.

The PPM Powered Mixer Series - Ultra-light and completely self-contained, the PPM 'Professional Powered Mixers'  feature two ridiculously robust power amps for Mains and Monitors. Available in 3 forms - the PPM608, the PPM1008 and the PPM1012.

The Onyx-i Firewire Mixer Series - TheOnyx-i Series FireWire Production Mixers combine the benefits of a powerful computer interface with the tactile, hands-on control of a premium analog mixer. The range includes the Onyx 820i, the Onyx 1220i, the Onyx 1620i and the Onyx 1640i.

The Studio Monitor Series - Mackie have two ranges of the Studio Monitors - the HRmk2 Series: HR824mk2 and the HR624mk2, and the MR Series: the MR5 and the MR8







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12th March 2010


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