Mapex Black Panther Snares

Mapex Black Panther Snares

See the new 2010 redesigned range of Mapex Black Panther Snares.

The new Black Panther snare drums feature newly designed finishes and appointments including new lugs, hoops, throw-offs, and snare strainers.

All of the new Black Panther models feature one of two classically designed lugs. One is a beautifully sculpted shield-style split lug, while the other is an elegantly forged tube-style lug. Both are strikingly attractive and give the Black Panther series a stunning new look. To complete the transformation, each drum features a distinguished new die-cast, chrome-plated Black Panther badge.

The new Black Panthers feature an incredibly smooth piston-style throw-off that requires minimal effort to operate. The adjustment dial employs "micro-lock" technology that provides a silent, yet tactile "click" as it's turned, allowing precise tension control.

The drums' newly designed hardware contributes significantly to the presentation and the performance of the instruments. Mapex's new "Sonic Saver" hoops bridge the gap between flanged and die-cast hoops. The unique shaping process creates a rounded profile at the top of the hoop that reduces wear and tear to both sticks, hands and wrists, while dramatically enhancing the feel and response of every rimshot.

Each of the fourteen new drums in the series has been designated a nickname to emphasize its sound and character. For instance, the "Sledgehammer" is a heavy-duty 14" x 6.5" hammered brass drum with a big, loud sound that can "bludgeon its way through the din with extreme volume and a distinct rounded tone."

The "Phantom" has a 12" x 5" birch and walnut composite shell that gives the drum incredible sensitivity and a "ghostly" quality.

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22nd March 2010


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