Mapex HX Drum Kits

Mapex HX Drum Kits

The Mapex HX Drumkits are top quality entry level kits that provide all you need to get started...all at a great price. Check out this review...


The Mapex Horizon HX rewrites the book on what features an entry level drum set should have. The all basswood shell produces rich tones with remarkable sustain.

The tone is further enhanced by the re-designed Mapex Isolated Tom Holder System (ITS). This new compact and lightweight system keeps the mounting hardware off of the shell allowing it to vibrate more freely. The re-styled tom holder now includes a convenient spot for an auxiliary cymbal placement.

The Horizon HX is available in several covered finishes. The hardware is newly designed Mapex 500 Series hardware.

Mapex has clearly proven that great value is no longer on the Horizon… it is the Horizon. have just given the Horizon HX Kits are great review confirming just what we thought about them, here are some quotes:

'Brushed wrap, classy silver badge, stylish new ITS mounts, contoured memory locks and new small lugs - this is a tasty-looking kit. Everything you need to get drumming is included.'

'As a first gigging kit it sounds big and will suit any style. The Horizon HX package offers a lot for the money and its looks belie its budget status.'


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07th July 2010


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