Mapex Storm Drum Kits

Mapex Storm Drum Kits

The Mapex Storm Drum Kits are a new range of drum sets that come complete with the Mapex 400 Series hardware. A great set-up for the first time player!

Mapex Storm Drum Kits have taken over where the Horizon II kits left off. Delivering a drum set that is perfectly suited for the first time drummer after a high quality, yet affordable set-up. Complete with Mapex 400 Series hardware, all you need to do is add your choice of cymbals!

Available in 2 size options - the 22" Rock Fusion and the more compact 20" Fast Fusion - and with a choice of 4 colours options, the Mapex Storm kits provide enough options for the drummer to get a suitable kit whatever the genre of music they play.

All kits features shells constucted of Poplar with the Mapex SONIClear bearing edges -  making tuning very simple and whilst also giving the drums plenty of tone.


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25th March 2016


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