Mapex Tornado Drum Kits

Mapex Tornado Drum Kits

Mapex have updated their entry level Tornado drum kits. These great beginner drum kits now come in two size configurations and 3 colour options.

The latest incarnation of the Mapex Tornado drum kit has just been announced - a superb option for the beginner drummer.

Mapex Tornado drum kits come packed with everything you need to get your drumming off on the right foot: 5 piece shell kit, cymbals, pedals, hardware, drum stool and drum sticks.

There are two size configurations - a 22" American Fusion kit with shot stak toms -  a great sounding kit with a great modern setup, and an 18" Compact kit, perfect for children or those with limited space.

Both size kits come in three colour options: Black, Burgundy and Royal Blue.


Mapex Tornado 22" American Fusion - Black

Mapex Tornado 22" American Fusion - Burgundy

Mapex Tornado 22" American Fusion - Royal Blue

Mapex Tornado 18" Compact - Black

Mapex Tornado 18" Compact - Burgundy

Mapex Tornado 18" Compact - Royal Blue


By Rob Evans

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12th September 2013


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