Markbass now in stock

Markbass now in stock

GigGear are now Markbass dealers, checkout the range, including the award winning Little Mark amps.


About the Amps
The new generation of Markbass amplifiers is truly innovative, and represents a new stage in the evolution of bass amplification. Our custom-designed digital power supply circuitry allows for impeccable bass frequency reproduction, and our incredible-sounding digital power amps (used in the SD800 head) take advantage of cutting-edge technology. All of our new heads give you a wide variety of sounds and unsurpassed tone in an extremely lightweight package. These days many manufacturers are claiming to make light amps... but Markbass stands in a league of its own. Our Little Mark II 500W head weighs under 6 pounds!

  • All amps use top-quality dual-sided fibreglass PC boards with lined perforations for high-quality solder connections;
  • All large surface-mount components are silicon-sealed to isolate vibrations;
  • Computer-grade pre-assembled ribbon connector cable harnesses and ribbons for noise-free operation;
  • Integrated threaded posts for easy assembly/disassembly and added durability;
  • Rigid 2 mm thick aluminium chassis for a long-lasting finish;
  • All new Markbass amplifiers feature our special filters: the VLE (Vintage Loudspeaker Emulator) and the VPF (Variable Preshape Filter) Defining qualities of Markbass heads: They're powerful, they produce huge tone, they're incredibly dynamic... and they're super light!

About the Cabinets
Markbass introduced neodymium technology many years ago, and we were the first company to apply it to speaker enclosures for bass. Today we have two Standard series: HR (Rear Reflex) and HF (Front Reflex). All cabinets are made with high-grade multi-ply poplar and are glued, screwed and sealed internally with special compounds to ensure that all you hear is the sound of your bass. The Standard cabinets use only custom woofers that have been designed through collaboration between Markbass and B&C Speakers. We truly believe these are the best speakers in the world! The Standard series is notable for its incredible power-to-weight ratio and unparalleled performance. In all our new cabinets we use a custom 1” HF compression driver with horn. All of our combos and heads use ULTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT technologies. You will not find lighter bass amplification anywhere!

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03rd September 2009


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