Marshall MX Cabs

Marshall MX Cabs

The Marshall MX guitar speaker cabinets have just been announced. This affordable range of cabs come in a 1x12", 2x12" and 4x12" (angled and base) form.

Built from the ground up and delivering superb value for money, the new Marshall MX range of guitar speaker cabinets are sure to be a hit.

Ideal as a compliment to the DSL range (or any Marshall head for that matter!), the MX cabs delivers great tone, sturdy build and of course that classic Marshall styling.

There are four models in the range. The MX112 is a 1x12" cab that features a Celestion Seventy 80 speaker whilst the 2x12" verision - the MX212 - doubles it up. For more power there are also 2 variations on the classic 4x12" - the angled MX412A and the MX412B base cabinet, with both featuring 4 Celestion G12E-60 12" speakers.


Marshall MX112 1x12" Guitar Speaker Cabinet

Marshall MX212 2x12" Guitar Speaker Cabinet

Marshall MX412A Angled 4x12" Guitar Speaker Cabinet

Marshall MX412B Base 4x12" Guitar Speaker Cabinet


By Rob Evans

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18th September 2013


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