NAMM 2011: Mackie TH12 and MRmkII Monitors

NAMM 2011: Mackie TH12 and MRmkII Monitors

Mackie have announced the new Thump TH12a Powered Speakers and have also updated their MR Monitors to the MR5mkII and MR8mkII.

Mackie Thump TH12A Powered Speakers

The Mackie TH12A Powered Speakers deliver 400 Watt of ultra efficiant amplification Lightweight active PA speaker with a 12" speaker and 1" compression driver. Not only this are they ultra compact but they are also lightweight.



Mackie MR5mkII and MR8mkII Studio Monitors

As a professional studio monitoring solution, the new updated MR5mkII and MR8mkII Monitors are extremely balanced, outputting high-frequency clarity and midrange definition you can stake your reputation on.


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13th January 2011


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