NAMM 2016

NAMM 2016

Check out some of the most exciting products launched at this year's NAMM 2016 Music Trade Show.

NAMM is the annual music show which allows all the leading manufacturers to show off their range and launch a host of new and exciting products. Here is a run down of some of the most exciting new gear from this years show.



Fender have released a brand new range of amps, the Fender BassBreaker series. Taking Fender amp tones to the darkside, the BassBreaker series are designed to deliver endless grit and powerful dark tones in conjunction with classic Fender DNA. There are 9 models in the range with a selection of combos, heads and cabs to suit a range of budgets and gigging requirements.

The ever popular American Deluxe range has been discontinued, for now, and has been replaced with the Fender American Elite series. Notable upgrades for the guitars include brand new 4th generation Fender Noiseless pickups, a new compound neck (going from a modern C to D profile) and a selection of new colours.

Fender have also released a new range of premium, all-solid, electro acoustic guitar - the Fender Paramount series. With the initial range featuring 3 optional body shapes (a dreadnought, triple O and a parlour) available in standard, deluxe and deluxe sunburst options these are sure to be popular given their competitive pricing.



It certainly seems to be 'all about the bass' with Orange! They have announced a new combo version of there OB1 'bi-amped' heads in the form of the Orange OB1300c - a 300w amp with a 15" Eminence Neo speaker. Orange are also set to release the new 4 Stroke Bass Heads. These amps features an all analogue design, with an extensive 4 band parametric EQ section and footswitchable class A compression. Available in 300 or 500W in a 2U rack mountable chassis.

Two new pedals are also due - Two Stroke is a boost pedals whilst the Amp Detonator is a fully functional ABY footswitcher.



Previously announced, prior to NAMM 2016, is the latest 2016 range of Gibson guitars. With a very much 'back to basics' lineup, the Gibson 2016 Traditional range of guitars deliver what Gibson fans want. With a range of models that bear a very similiar resemblance to the hugely popular 2012 lineup. Gibson are back!


Yamaha are showcasing their brand new range of electric guitars, the Yamaha Revstar series. Four years in the making, the Revstar collection is sure to be a big hit, delivering a range of guitars built from the ground up and all featuring unqiue appointments. There are models to cater for all budgets and requirements with a premium, Japanese built model as its flagship.



Marshall CODE is a brand new line of amps that is set deliver authentic modelling of an array of classic and modern Marshall amps and cabs. Designed in conjunction with SoftTube, the CODE series offers 14 preamps, four power amps, eight speaker cabinets and a range of professional effects.

There are 3 combos in the range - 25, 50 and 100w versions, plus a 100w head, a 4x12" speaker and a dedicated footswitch.



BOSS have added to their range of stompbox pedals with a unique selection of units. The BOSS VO-1 is a vocoder pedal designed especially for the guitarist, the VB-2W Wazacraft is a 'retake' on the much sought after BOSS VB-2 with some added features, whilst the BOSS BC-1X is a studio quality compressor for the bass guitarist. 

The Waza Craft range now gets treated to a head and cab, delivering the ultimate in high gain tone the the Waza Amp Head is a rock gods dream! After the success of the ES-8, BOSS have now released a cut down version of the effects switcher in the form of the ES-5 - transform you pedal board overnight!



Roland have a selection of new products for this years Winter NAMM. The Roland FP-30 digital piano is due to take over from the popular F20, whilst the Blues Cube Hot is a 30w that'll allow guitarists to tap into Roland’s acclaimed Tube Logic tone in the most compact Blues Cube combo amp to date.

Also new, and certainly a quirky product, is the Roland EC-10 Electric Cajon. An innovative product, the EC-10 can be used as a regular cajon but also allows cajon players to easily enhance their music with layered electronic sounds.


Line 6

Line 6 have announced a great selection of products at NAMM 2016. The Relay G10 is a super affordable digital guitar wireless system, with a super-easy to use design, a great option for any guitarist thinking of making the wireless switch. The AMPLIFi 30 is new addition to the AMPLIFi range - with its small footprint and 30w output, its the perfect tool for the home. The FBV pedalboards are a great addition to a range of Line 6 products and were due an update, and the new Line 6 FBV3 does that, designed to work with models including Spider series , AMPLIFi series and the new Firehawk 1500. Firehawk 1500....yes, 1500 = 1500watts! Designed like an 'active PA' and utilizing a 6-way special speaker system, its able to deliver the true quality of Firehawk modelling at any volume! 



Faith have joined the travel guitar gang and released a pair of premium scaled down acoustic guitars in the form of the Nomad series. The Faith FDS Nomad Mini-Saturn is a scaled down dreadnought shaped electro acoustic, whilst the Faith FDNMG Nomad Mini-Neptune utlizes a scaled down version of Patrick James Eggles' unique body shape. Both models feature all-solid wood construction and a new pickup/preamp design.


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19th January 2016


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