New Ashdown 414T MAG 4ohm Cab

New Ashdown 414T MAG 4ohm Cab

The new Ashdown 414T MAG is an affordable 4ohm 4x10" cab - get the full power from your Bass Amp head!


Get the FULL POWER from your 4ohm Bass Amp Head with this 4ohm 4x10" MAG 414T Cabinet

Rated at 4 Ohms with a power handling of 450 watts, the new MAG414T 4x10" + tweeter cabinet is now built 'Extra Deep' and loaded with Ashdown BlueLine speakers for exceptional attack, clarity and low-end performance. Protection is provided by tough black vinyl covering and finished off with a black cloth grille and white piping to give a classic look and hardwearing finish.


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07th October 2009


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