New BOSS Gear

New BOSS Gear

BOSS have just announced some great new products for MusikMesse 2014. The GT-001 Desktop Multi-Effects, the GP-10 Guitar Processor and the VE-2 Vocal Harmonisation pedal.

BOSS have just announced 3 great new products at MusikMesse Frankfurt 2014 Tradeshow:


BOSS GT-001 Desktop Multi-Effects

BOSS GP-10 Guitar Processor

BOSS GP-10 Guitar Processor including GK Pickup

BOSS VE-2 Vocal Harmonisation Pedal


The BOSS GT-001 is a desktop guitar multi-effects unit - perfect for home and studio use. It is packed with the acclaimed amps and effects from the flagship GT-100 unit and also functions as a USB audio/MIDI interface.

For those guitarists that like to experiment a bit further we have the BOSS GP-10. This guitar processor functions as a dedicated instrument modeller for GK pickup installed guitars - it also delivers a range of alterened tunings too. Cleverly, the GP-10 also functions as a standard multi-effects unit that not only works with GK compatible pickups but also regular guitars too.

The BOSS VE-2 Harmonisation pedal is an easy-to-use vocal processor pedal that delivers vocal harmonies (24 variations) and high quality vocal effects. The harmonies work by either selecting the desired key or by plugging in your guitar for it to intelligently work out the harmonies based on what chords you are playing.


By Rob Evans

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12th March 2014


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