NEW BOSS RC300 Loop Station

NEW BOSS RC300 Loop Station

The BOSS RC300 Loop Station has just been announced - the most powerful loop station ever.

The BOSS RC300 Loop Station is the most powerful Loop Station ever - featuring a host of great features for loop heaven. Not just designed for guitarists but bass players, vocalists, beat boxers, fact anyone with an instrument that wants to create a sonic landscape is jumping on the looper bandwagon....and rightly so, they're great fun!

So, whether your plugging in a guitar, bass, keyboard, mic or any other instrument you know this unit will deliver every feature you'll ever want. It allows upto 3 hours of record time, 99 onboard memories, 16 built in FX and three stereo tracks with dedicated footswitches and controls for each.


BOSS RC-300 Loop Station


Watch Roland Demonstrator Alex Hutching Demo the BOSS RC-300:


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15th September 2011


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